Newly Revised Website And Blog

Well, after about three years with the same website and zero revisions it dawned on me that the thing had become worthless.  Sometimes it takes me a while to respond to this stuff.  Here we have a refreshed and streamlined site with the same overall look and most important (to me anyway) an interface that a semi-normal computer user can make changes on in a fairly simple manner.

The Jack Straw Guitars Facebook page has been receiving plenty of attention of late and now with this new site and blog I have another venue to tell you all about guitars according to me.  In other words everybody is entitled to MY opinion.

Thanks to Molly Kirby Robson for converting the previous website to this new platform.  Molly, by the way, is my wife Kat Kirby's talented daughter and designer of the wonderful graphic identity of our old shop in San Diego, Tecolote Guitar Works.  I still have a few logo T shirts and the like from that shop and they still look splendid.   Molly, you're a peach!

So, welcome to the new website/blog.  Come back often.