A Different L-00

Current Build; L-00 Style "Weirdo"

June 22, 2017

A guitar that I'm affectionately terming The Weirdo is nearing the final stage of assembly.   This one is an L-00 Style in most of its specs and actually the only off-beat aspect is the client's wood choice.

The customer is a busy performing musician with here in Prescott.  When we began talking about his new guitar it became obvious that he isn't preoccupied with traditional ideas of how a flat top is supposed to look.  He likes a smaller body instrument and responded enthusiastically to an L-00 type guitar I have in the shop. 

Neck shape, nut width, string spacing and pick-up specs were easy to settle on but he was vexed by wood choices.   After much discussion of conventional soundboard and body combinations he settled on flamed maple for the back and sides and Honduras mahogany for the top!!   After seeing an old Jack Straw all mahogany 12 string that I recently re-acquired from a fellow in Austin he was entranced by the look.   I've been a fan of mahogany soundboards forever and have built many guitars from Slope Ds to OMs to 000 12 frets and even some 12 strings with Honduras tops.   Every one has been a winner.   I could come up with absolutely no reason it would not work well with maple so off we went.   The only disclaimer I could throw at the client was "well, if you ever need to sell it the wood choice will make it a bear to unload."   He responded simply, "I'll never sell it."  I sure like a confident customer.

Here's a pic below.  OK maybe it's not weird.  It's beginning to grow on me.  There are many more pictures of the build process on our Facebook page.   

See ya later......